Start English spoken smallgroup Kerk Delfgauw

Bible study small groups are an important part of our congregation. During the week, church members meet in small groups to study the Bible and help each other to grow in faith. The groups are also used to support each other and often result in new friendships. Our small groups are in Dutch. But as the church of all christians in Delfgauw, we really like to meet with inhabitants of Delfgauw and Oude Leede who do not speak Dutch well enough to participate in our Dutch spoken small groups (GemeenteGroeiGroepen).

Therefore, we would like to start an English spoken bible study small group for internationals.

Do you live in Delfgauw or Oude Leede? And are you interested in an English spoken bible study smallgroup? Please contact Kerk Delfgauw pastor Robert Stigter. Do you know someone who could be interested? Please invite them for this smallgroup.

We are looking forward to meet brothers and sisters in Christ. The smallgroup will meet for the first time at October 9th (Sunday), 20:00 hour.

Pastor Robert Stigter


Who are we?

Kerk Delfgauw is a warm and multicolored religious community where people feel at home. We are part of the Church of all times and of all places. We want to be a congregation for everyone who wants to join us in the Christian tradition and wants to be part of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands, of which we are a neighborhood congregation. Kerk Delfgauw is a municipality with a pleasant mix of a familiar village atmosphere with a more ‘urban’ dynamic. Our church is also diverse in terms of faith. We are a mix of presbyterian, evangelical and oecumenical influences. As a church, we try, from different generations, with different backgrounds and living in different ways, to give shape to being a church together. All congregation members are invited to help build the congregation. Together we form the body of Christ. Each member of the congregation is a worker in the Vineyard of the Lord based on everyone’s gifts, talents and possibilities. The church council stimulates and facilitates this, among other things with good planning, a project-based approach and by pointing people to their gifts.

What do we believe?

We believe in God, the good Creator of this world. We believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and King of this world. He lived, suffered, was killed on a cross, but rose again to give us new life. Because of his love and goodness we live in freedom, as forgiven people. As His disciples, we feel called to be good to each other, in the here and now. In word and deed we want to share the goodness of God that we have experienced ourselves. We help build His Kingdom of justice and mercy. Not because we are so strong ourselves, but because the Holy Spirit teaches us to live as Jesus showed us. We believe that at the end of time God will make up for anything that is not right now. Our lives will fulfill its purpose and the dead will be raised from the dead. Those who belong to God will forever be at home in God’s renewed world.

Our mission

God wants to work through people to make His world a good place. We feel called to be there for all people in Delfgauw, Oude Leede and the surrounding area. If you are looking for spirituality, we want to share what we have found in the Bible. We want to visit those who are lonely. Help those in need. We want to cooperate with all people and organizations of good will. We also want to help people further away with money and prayer if they need it. We see ourselves as stewards of the earth and want to work with others for a more sustainable and fair world.